I have been working as an events professional for over seven years now, currently planning events both in the UK and overseas. Organising events is a real passion of mine and an industry that I can’t ever imagine not being a part of.

I love to write about the everyday goings on in my life. Whether it be my recent wedding and honeymoon or my experiences in local restaurants and shops.

I enjoy sharing my findings and experiences with everyone; hoping that people will find it interesting and useful. I like to treat every outing as an occasion, whether it be going for a coffee or going away somewhere new.

Having a blog is the perfect platform for me to showcase all of my findings, I hope that you will find myΒ posts informative and useful, not just for people living in Yorkshire but also to others who like to hear about travel, fitness, healthy eating and all things lifestyle.

I like to take my time with my posts so on average I will post once a month. Keep up to date with my new posts by following me on Twitter (@sianydodge) and Instagram (@lifestyle_scribbles).

Sian x