The four week wedding countdown

So it’s just under four weeks until I get married…. I honestly have absolutely no idea where the time has gone, it is terrifying if I’m honest. It only seems like five minutes ago that I was enjoying my engagement and having a think about venues etc.

So with four weeks to go I thought it would be useful to share with you what I am doing at the moment in the run up to the wedding. I am pleased to say that I am feeling pretty organised and very much looking forward to the day! Hopefully the checklist below will be useful for fellow brides.


Confirm suppliers

Depending on how long you have been planning your wedding it might have been a while since you last emailed your cake maker, DJ, caterers etc. The majority of suppliers will keep in contact with you throughout the planning process, especially when it comes to paying up! If there are any you need to touch base with, send them an email confirming timings, payment dates etc. It will put your mind at rest.

Create a ‘to do’ list

I don’t know about you but having a list really helps me to get things done and put all my thoughts onto paper. Create a list of everything that you need to do in preperation for the big day. Include everything so that you have one list to work from; include things such as presents to buy, decorations to make, payments etc. Keep referring to the list and enjoy striking things off!

Create schedules

Putting together schedules for the photographer, venue and your bridal party is very useful. It is a bit of extra work but very useful for everyone to be aware of timings and arrangements. It also gives the suppliers the opportunity to question anything within the schedule, meaning no unwanted surprises on the day!

Book beauty appointments

You might want to do this earlier but if you haven’t already, make sure you book to get your nails done and maybe a nice relaxing massage or facial prior to the wedding. I have booked a spa day at My Little Farm Spa exactly one week before my wedding, I think I’ll need the relaxation!


Wedding playlist

By this time you will have chosen your songs for the ceremony. Why not create a playlist that can be played throughout the day whilst your guests are eating, enjoying drinks etc. I often find that venue music is quite repetitive so creating your own on Spotify and arranging for the venue to play it via your phone or on a CD is a nice way for your guests to enjoy the music you love. Just check that the venue are able to do this before you go to all that effort.

Try your dress on

You will no doubt have your last fitting in the run up to the wedding. When you go to the fitting; take your shoes, veil, accessories etc. Trying everything on one last time before the big day will give you an idea of the overall look. I always make a special effort with my makeup and hair whenever I go for a fitting, makes me feel just that little bit nicer when trying on my dress.


If you are planning a DIY wedding like me then you will know just how much decoration is involved, I have to say it has been the biggest part of my wedding. Luckily I have lots of creative friends who are helping me with signs, bunting etc. Make sure you make a list of everything that needs doing and notify your helpers, give them a good few weeks to get things done rather than leaving it last minute.


Purchase thank you gifts

It’s always nice to thank the people who have contributed to the wedding; whether it be financially, helping with decorations, planning hen parties etc. Make a list of who you need to buy for and what you think they might like. I can give some present ideas in a later post, don’t want to spoil any surprises just yet πŸ™‚

To do list for the groom

Last but not least I think it is always worth making an ‘on the day’ to do list for the groom before the ceremony starts. If your other half is anything like mine he wouldn’t have had much to do with the planning process, so giving him a few jobs on the day won’t hurt! Things like organising the ceremony songs, checking the best man has the rings etc. It will put your mind at rest knowing he has a list of things he needs to check because you are busy making yourself look beautiful.


I hope this has been useful. There will be a post shortly after the wedding relating to my favourite suppliers. It is so useful to know where people purchased items like balloons, confetti, flowers etc.

Wishing all autumn brides the most amazing wedding day – see you on the other side x


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