Healthy Eating…the new Fearne Cotton cookbook

I absolutely love buying new cookbooks, especially ones that give you delicious recipes that are full of goodness. I already follow Fearne Cotton on Instagram (@fearnecotton), so when she started posting amazing homemade recipes I had a feeling that a cookbook was coming our way!

20160604_204743.jpgSo after picking up my cookbook I sat down with a cuppa and worked my way through the book, making a note of any recipes that would be a good choice for dinner that evening. The overall design of the book is really beautiful with very eye catching photography that instantly encourage you to run out to the supermarket and pick up all of the ingredients. Each recipe comes with a short story which is really lovely.

Now I absolutely LOVE mexican food, so when I saw a recipe for haddock burritos with fresh salsa and guacamole I knew this was the first recipe to try from the book. The recipe was very easy to follow so after only 30 minutes in the kitchen I was impressed with my efforts!



For anyone that knows me, I have a very sweet tooth especially when it comes to chocolate! I love keeping fit with my running and eating healthily but my daily intake of chocolate is something that I love, for obvious reasons. I am however keen to find healthy sweet recipes that I can enjoy on an evening with a cup of tea. Looking through the book there are lots of sweet recipes to try, the mini carrot, spelt and spice scones caught my eye. I absolutely love scones, watch this space for my next blog on a #CookHappyCookHealthy recipe!


Word of advice – try not to be put off by the unusual ingredients. You will find that items such as Coconut Oil, Spelt Flour, Goji Berries, Coconut Sugar are popular items that appear in the majority of healthy living cookbooks these days. Spend a bit of time and money getting these items in your cupboards, they will last you a while and be readily available for your next healthy recipe! If you can’t find the items in your local supermarket, head down to Holland and Barrett when they have the penny sale on!


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